Full cycle design and development services
gaming, entertainment, educational, healthcare, business..

Sonerim is a software engineering company with a solid experience in Financial Services and Antifraud solutions, Security domain, Enterprise and Mobile Apps development.

Being experts in development for all the major technologies, Sonerim has delivered successful solutions to customers, ranging from small to mid-sizes companies, media companies, large corporations in both, consumer and enterprise market sectors, and has trusworthy client comprising of some of the well-known brands...

Sonerim team offers full cycle design and development services for mobile market segments: gaming, entertainment, educational, healthcare, business. We craft splendid custom mobile applications and games for iOS and Android combining full 360 degrees capabilities from concept to final tuning.

Engagement model
Time and materials

The Time & Material model is used if there is no whole vision of the final product because of flexible market and other conditions, which could be changed. This option is fully negotiable and can use an hourly, daily, weekly or monthly rate for the amount of work, tasks, resources, materials, or other expenses that were applied in the development process. There is an opportunity to further clarify the pricing distribution, e.g. whether rate depends on the skillset needed to perform the task, or it is the same for all resources involved in the project. In order to prevent the uncontrolled price growth for support projects, client can discuss the upper limit for project budget beforehand.

Dedicated Team

This engagement model lets you hand over all the project development challenges to Sonerim experts. You receive the project delivered according to the concepts and requirements defined by you.


This is your own IT team mirrored in Ukraine and completely aligned with your culture and business goals.

Financial Services & Antifraud

Development of the financial services requires a high level of responsibility from the team, modern and secure tools, a lot of testing and highly available secure infrastructure. But there is always a place for a fraud, even if everything works fine, you never now what to expect from the other world, there is no difference was your partner hacked, or has a mad employee... No matter what, your system should detect the fraud first and prevent losing money. This is exactly the place, where experience makes a great sense.


The success of an enterprise-level software is in the close cooperation between dev team and users from the customer side. It's hard to overestimate a business analyst role in such kind of projects, as the main challenge is to understand customer's business and let the software to improve it.

Mobile Apps

Been modern means bean mobile nowadays. For the business BYOD and handy solutions allows increasing the speed and the quality of a service.


Been secure means always move forward and be ahead of opponents. An additional challenge raised from the weakest chain principle and we know how to deal with that.

Case Studies
Navigate Offroad

The app for offroad navigation with offline maps with a strong focus on convenient use.

Secure your logins

Easy to integrate cloud-based B2B-service for securing accounts of your users from unauthorized access and passwords hacking

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